Overview Through Emotions app

Project overview

Through Emotions project was born to help kids discover and better understand their emotions and, to help parents / caregivers to handle kids in difficulit emotional situations.

My Contributions

Conducting interviews, paper and digital wireframes, Mockups, Low and High-fidelity prototyping, conducting usability studies, accounting for accessibility, iteratig on design, determining information architecture and responsive disign.

My contribution
Project overview

Project objective

The main object of Through emotions app is to provide an easy to use and enjoyable platform where kids can learn through games and stories; and parents can find the right support for help their kids in difficult emotional situations.

Research and define phases

Research and Findings

In order to create an effective and enjoyable app, I try to understand   how kids and their parents talks about emotions and what emotional challenges kids go through at this age.
Based on my research i made 3 decisions:

1) I will create an app for smartphone, because most people have a smartphone but not necessarily a laptop or tablet;

2) I will concentrate on the age range of 4-7;
3) We have two users: kids and their parents / caregivers.


Persona 1
Persana 2

Problem statement and possible solutions

Problem statements

Ideations and design

Competitive audit and Crazy 8's
Wireframes and low-fidelity Prototype
Wireframes and lo-fi

View low fidelity prototype here.

Sticker sheet
App Sticker sheet
Mockups and High- fidelity Prototype

High-Fidelity Prototype

App high-fidelity prototype

View high-fidelity prototype here.

Responsive Through Emotions website

After completed the design app, I started work on designing the responsive website. I create a sitemap of the website to guide the organizational structure of each screen’s design to ensure a cohesive experience across devices. The designs for screen size variation include mobile, tablet and desktop. I optimized the designs to fit specific user needs of each device and screen size.


Phone Mockups

Phone website

View high-fidelity Prototype here

Tablet Mockups

Tablet size website

View high-fidelity Prototype here

Desktop Mockups

Desktop mockups

View high-fidelity Prototype here

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